Nikolay Nikolov and Micky Bumbar after a thrilling battle for the “Alcohol Friendly Award” in the American University in Bulgaria.

They say alcohol is bad. They say it’s harmful. They say you shouldn’t drink much. But we say: First of all alcohol is fun! That’s why we started this weblog in 2012 as a counterweight to all the negative attention alcohol gets in the traditional media.

We are Nikolay Nikolov from Bulgaria and Micky Bumbar from Holland. We met at the American University in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, obviously since we shared a hobby. Micky snatched the Alcohol Friendly Award (the award for the biggest drunk all through the year) at this university in 2012. A year later Nikolay took this prestigious award home. In all modesty we can say that both victories were deserved. Together we are the Lords of the Drinks, the two main writers of this blog although guest posts are very much apreciated.

On this weblog we bring you personal drinking stories, funny alcohol related facts and news, recipes for hangover cures, drinking games, scientific research on alcohol related matters, recipes for cocktails, drunk jokes, plenty excuses to drink with the party calendar and much more. If you cruise around this website you’ll find a whole different side to drinking than just the bad cases you normally read about in the news. Our motto is and will always be “Izbuhvam“, which is Bulgarian for “I explode”. No matter how dull the occasion, we’ll turn it into an awesome bacchanalia!

Now before we get labeled as alcoholics, we’d like to see ourselves as drunkards. There’s a difference. We drink hard, we drink like no tomorrow, but we never drink alone. Alcohol always tastes better when shared and it’s the ultimate aid to socialize and meet new people. So with everything you do, always keep that philosophy in mind. We don’t want to make anyone alcoholic, just very very drunk!

The Lords of the Drinks

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  1. What an inventive subject for a blog! Since lots of people drink and enjoy it, it seems strange that I’ve not seen a blog like this before. I’m a teetotaler myself, but I know a lot of people who will enjoy the posts on here. Thanks so much for stopping by Mrs. City Boy and liking my post!


  2. You have a pleasant site and a great attitude. I have been drinking for 54 years and am still an active author and hiker. I also study native medicinal plants and love it. Last time I had my annual, the Doctor asked if I drank and I responded a bottle of wine or more a day. He shook his hed and said it must be red wine because their is nothing wrong with me. I must admidt that in the past 5 years I quit drinking beer because it made me fat and gave me joint pain. I also guit rum because the quantities I drink it made me stupid. THANK GOD FOR WINE OR MAYBE THANK GEORGIANS.


  3. Hi lordsofthedrinks,

    Thanks for liking my poem “Fireplace”. I am also ‘alcohol friendly’, and look forward to your posts on the joys of drinking. I will be following your blog.



    • Our pleasure! 🙂
      And well… Anybody ever went on one of those adventures says the same: “you guys do this more often? I should do so too!”
      So let’s get drunk and see where the alcohol takes us! 😀


  4. I’m still learning how the whole “pingback” thing works, so I thought I’d stop off here too and tell you that I’ve nominated you for a bunch of awards today. I linked back to your blog in my post – so look out for it 🙂


  5. Thanks, Nicolay, for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed the Smoking Alcohol story–I hope that’s not for you. Having cruised through your blog, it seems as if you get more enjoyment out of imbibing, as most of us do. A nice glass of rich, red wine is always welcome–if I have more than that it makes me sleepy. Long past my carefree days of youthful drinking. Great blog– Cheers!


    • Thanks a lot for your kind words Suzette. Yes, we do enjoy a good glass. We are also getting older and it shows sometimes, but we refuse to let a minor detail like that stand in the way of our drinking! 😛
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and all the best! Cheers!


  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by and liking my posts. It is first time, I have come across such a blog and I found it very interesting… nice one. I don’t drink a lot, but occasionally for socialising. Anyway, when feeling sombre do come to read some travel posts to my blog.


    • Haha I’m sure Nikolay is… It was me (Micky) who liked your post. I was drinking earlier, but I stopped since I have to work all day tomorrow and I was drinking for the past 3 days too. So after a few liters of beer I decided it was enough. So responsible it scares me! 😛


  7. hey buddy, awesome blog. thanks for hitting up poor man’s kitchen every now and again. i stop by all the time to see what is going on in the world of booze (and boozers like myself).

    i love the balkan perspective you have towards drinking, and i wish it was a little more rampant here and there.

    if you are interested in a guest post or two on asian drinking culture, i currently live in japan and have all kinds of ridiculous stories/traditions i can regail you with. keep up the awesome work, dude!


  8. Thanks for stopping by DesignBox – I guarantee the appetizer you liked is good stomach padding for drinking or to appreciate a nice white wine with 🙂 Love the blog and the science section. Be back soon!


  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, guys! I cannot WAIT to dig more into yours! Oh, and Bulgaria? I go back over 40 years with my direct connection to your beautiful and amazing country, Nikolay . . . But that wonderful story is another essay. Best, and enjoy the weekend, Maggie


  10. Thanks for coming by my sobriety blog! haha… really, though great content here! While I hope I don’t need to visit the hangover cures anytime soon, the quotes and news stories are really great. Best to you both!


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