Drunk British tourist hijacks and crashes ambulance in Greece

Meet the latest attraction in Greece for drunk British tourists.

Meet the latest attraction in Greece for drunk British tourists.

Everyone who ever played the computer game Grand Theft Auto probably at some point stole an ambulance for a joyride. However a drunk British teen actually pulled this stunt on his summer holiday in Greece. In the town Lagana on the island Zakynthos the minor (his age was not released) pushed out the driver of the Greek ambulance and got behind the wheel. In the crazy ride that followed he managed to hit 7 parked cars and a motorbike, before crashing his vehicle outside a nightclub.

Although the British joyrider terrified many pedestrians and people on motorbikes around him, nobody got hurt during this incident. The self-appointed ambulance driver, who got arrested at the spot, also got away easy. Shortly after being taken by the Greek police he was released again, because he was under the age of 18.

Through the years British teens built a notorious reputation in party places all around Europe. From The Spanish Costas, the Greek islands to the Bulgarian resorts at the Black Sea. And this year those places can expect even more crazy drunks from Great-Britain, since Turkey and North Africa lost in popularity due to the threat of terrorist attacks. We’re confident many more crazy drunk stories will follow this summer. Cheers!



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