7 Ways to Hide your Alcohol Odor

We may not be able to erase all the hangover symptoms, but we can take away the alcohol odor.

We may not be able to erase all the hangover symptoms, but we can take away the alcohol odor.

Drinking is awesome and working with a hangover can be pretty sweet too. You’d be surprised how fast time goes when you’re still feeling the buzz from last night. However some employers might not respect your dedication (showing up and staying awake) as much as they should when they smell a strong alcohol odor around you. Anybody who has ever been in this situation can tell you that taking a shower and brushing your teeth simply doesn’t cut it, because within 10 minutes the effect will be gone. To make it through a working day without being labeled as a drunk we have 7 solid tips for you to mask the alcohol odor.

1. body lotion and baby powder
Right after you took your morning shower you should treat your body to some body lotion, massage oil and/or baby powder. It’s a fact that it only takes a few minutes before you start to sweat whisky, brandy or whatever you had last night. Finish the job off with some facial cream and you’ve got step one covered.

2. Garlic for breakfast
Colleagues as well as bosses may not be too happy about the probing garlic smell around you, but it’s still better than alcohol. Mix some cloves of garlic through your morning eggs, spread your bread with tzatziki or find a recipe from our large selection of international hangover food. But nothing masks an alcohol odor like a garlic odor. Plus it will keep your co-workers at distance.

3. Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch
Tired of all the comments about your garlic breath? Time to hit your colleagues with a new bomb: peanut butter works amazing. People who are allergic to nuts or simply don’t like peanut butter might want to try fish. Salmon and tuna are not just healthy, their smell will keep you company for the rest of the day.

4. Drink  coffee all day long
Unlike most people think coffee is not a good hangover cure, but this drink is a great way to mask last night’s boozing. The stronger, the better.

5. Pick up smoking
When drinking you might actually feel the desire of having a smoke already. This measure is not really healthy, but highly effective. Get the smoke in your clothes and nobody will smell the alcohol sweat underneath it. You don’t even have to inhale to get the job done. An alternative can be to start a campfire early in the morning but who has the time for that right?!

6. Bring a bag of candy
A lot of people think that chewing gum can mask the alcohol smell coming from  your mouth. It’s actually one of the worse ways to betray yourself. Gum may mask the smell for 5 minutes and then you’re unprotected. It’s better to bring a bag of candy to work. Nobody is going to notice your vodka breath when you’re constantly chewing winegums.

7. Don’t hold back on deodorant and cologne
Of course you can’t leave the door without some heavy spraying. However you might want to ‘refresh’ yourself from time to time during the day. This tactic was quite popular in the 17th and 18th century in Europe and it still works, It’s all about keeping up appearance.

Micky Bumbar

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74 thoughts on “7 Ways to Hide your Alcohol Odor

    • ll yuck and disgusting. SMOKE??? What. More vomit. We who are experienced in these matters nkow there is only one cure. Stay drunk. More alcohol. If they dont like it, Snot the bastards. Be an unemployed drunk. At least your honest. So many famous alco’s

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dont listen to this post, they are terrible at hiding their alcohol. I’m an alcoholic. The best way to hide alcohol breath is…. to not breathe! Surprise! Learn to hold your breath for over two minutes and noone will ever smell it. Unless, of course, you’re in an extended conversation. If that’s the case, learn to time your head turns with your exhales. I’m 25 drinking over a fifth a day and never been caught. P.S. Don’t drink. It’s a devils vice.


      • If you’re caught in a conversation just nod and inhale. When you can’t inhale find an excuse, a cough e.g., and turn away and blow the alcohol smell away from you as far as you can.


      • Your technique requires great discipline, which we all know the amount of alcohol ones had determines ones discipline. If your around someone who suspects you of drinking when maybe you shouldnt be they’ll sniff you out. Ive used this technique countless times. It can fail quite easily, especially if its a girl that wants to know, after a number of drinks, ill let a pretty Lady much closer and of course i will if she’s using the whisper tactic to get closer.


  1. This is great. I did know about & use the garlic,peanut butter & fish. I use alot of garlic,fresh garlic,not in a jar. Especially in the summer months when im working all day around the Horses much more often. It really helps w/ pesky bugs etc. If im getting ate up by Mosquittos i know i need to increase my garlic intake. One old man told me to feed it directly to the Horses. But mine will not touch it,ive tried masking it w/ mollases but that smell is horrible. Garlic/Mollases eeew. I pack peanut butter crackers all the time. But my all time personal fav is…the lowly can of Sardines. If a co-worker even see’s a can near you they stay away. I keep a selection of Sardines in my tool box at work. I eat alot of fish anyway, Flounder or Talapia wont work, or fresh water fish like Bass or Catfish not strong enough. Fishier the better. Anchovies rock in this case. Plus all thier salt helps w/ the hangover. I have the stomach of a Goat. Its not for the timid. Being a dude, im not into powders and cream. Some one would think i switched sides if i showed up smelling pretty. Fortunately, currently, my Boss is a drinker, that helps tremendously, till he finds your Sardine stash & depletes it.


    • Plus there’s the fact that fish (or fish oil to be precise) is excellent for the brain. And since no major battle goes without the loss of a few brain cells, it can’t hurt to increase the stock again a day after. In Holland we swear by pickled herring with raw onions. You should try it if you have the chance.


  2. G’day Mike
    While in Germany i did come to like a herringwurst, i use to not be able to pass a bruatwurst stand,the dobble bruat was my fav. The herring was intense. I cant find it anywhere! where i live. Wish i could. I crave food w/ powerful flavor. The VA doc (Veterans Administration) prescribe fish oil all the time for heart and seratonin regulation. They allow me 6000mg a day. Use it instead of anti-depressant crapola. Been using it for 14 years now. My Mother started using it in the 70’s. Its a wonderful thing. Great for inflamation also. Arthritic joints run in my genes. If you ever do start on it. Start slowly or you might have a serious gut ache for a few days. Some Doc’s prescribe as much as 9000mg daily. Start w/ a 1000mg, then work up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the handy tips. I would like to try some in the future but for now I just stick to fresh fish from the market.
      By the way, i have never heard of this herring saussage but knowing herring as well as the German sausage tradition, it must be amazing. Is it an idea to start your own import/export business?


      • Lord no Micky im not that smart. It was simply pickled herring on bread, as the sausage is. but one brautwurst stand in Wurzburg sold them. Maybe he said herringwurst to me cause i was a GI. My girlfriend at the time wouldnt kiss me afterwards thats for sure. Add the fact that i was drinking hefe wiezen by the litre when i was downtown off the kasern. Ahh the cloudy wiezen memories. Another thing i miss. HEFE WIEZEN, which we got the village beer lady. If i remember right. It was Wurzburgs “wolf hefe wiezen” which for us was necta of the gods.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Another law that got changed in my area is fresh fish & wild game. Which is a major part of my meat intake. Hunting season for one game or another all year round. Right now its Turkey season,Ive alreay got my limit (7) My deep freeze is full of rabbit,deer,duck, bass,catfish the list goes on. If i want fish it has to be bought in a major chained market store farm raised from china,truely sucks. Im 3 hours from the coast. But we have many fresh water spots, i have 4 ponds on my ranch. 3 big lakes w/ in 30 miles. I dont fish that well,all i ever catch is a buzz,then the fish steal my bait. I do get carp w/ my Bow/arrow. There is absolutely not a Herring w/in 300 miles of where i live.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha oh well…. Keeping in mind all the stuff you do have, I can’t feel too sorry for you haha


    • OK that didnt read right. Been at it drinking brandy w/ coffee all morning. They sold Wolf Hefe Wiezen all over down town, but there was a village beer lady we’d visit a Kilometer from the kasern. It was 1986, wasnt taking fishoil back then. No telling how many brain cells were left on the dirt trail to her garage. haha. Another thing we dont have here in America. Nieghbors that can legaly distribute beer 8 days a week. But now. Its beer o’clock. This time a year its all Training Horses. No Machine work, no boss till September. I like to get my liquid pain killer in early as possible, keeping it at par w/ the trickle effect w/ beer till it gets dark outside. I should have never of typed the words wiezen, now im craving it. This Bud for me will have to do. They be no wiesen here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well… If you can get your hands on a recipe? In my opinion the US has the worst beers in the world from companies, but also the best homebrews. Probably the last thing is a result from the first thing. Do you brew yourself or you know someone that does? It could be cool to try to recreate these German beers.


      • Not gonna disagree, most round here never traveled abroad so have no idea how good beer can be. I do have a friend that tries very hard to make his own beer,he’s trying for german taste. It sucked,i had to be polite & drink it but it sucked,hope he dont read this. 10 years ago or so they changed alot of laws, beer & wine up tp 14%,used to be 3 1/4% had to really work to get a buzz. Since then your right weve had a boom in small micro breweries that make Xcellent beer. But the price is way high. For me not near by. Im stuck w/ the brands youve all heard of. Even import beer is ruined by having to meet our requirements. If i buy german beer here it taste worse than Bud. Not there fault. but laws are relaxing ever still here. No worries tho, home made liquor is king here, what most call white lighting or mooshine. Its just not dark cause it dont get aged in wood barrels. Its clear, made from everything, corn, bananas, various fruits, what ever that guy can get in bulk & distill. Some of it is actually better than what one can buy legally, but its rare. But making it is very common, alot of people do it. Most is 100 plus proof. If one is experienced one can tell by turnin it upside down & watch the bubbles, 3 bubbles means. You got lucky get all you can while theres some left. Numerous bubbles means stay away. Right now w/ mariuanna laws relaxed? every one is trying for that. Exporting seeds from your end. The quality of mariuanna have increased to such limits its hard to believe. I do toke, but mostly drink. its a $ thing for me. I get what i can afford.


      • Oh I love moonshine. Have tried the stuff in most European countries and I’m quite curious about the U.S. stuff. You’ve got a great tradition with it, so it must be amazing.


  3. Makes me chuckle, 2 same peoples seperated by the same language. Im Tuscaroaran/Dutch. The Tuscaroaran is a Native American Tribe from the east coast of U.S. Grandfather 100% Dutch, Grandmother 100% Tuscaroaran. When i was in the military i traveled all over. I went to UK and couldnt understand anything. All english just the same words used for differnt meanings. A girl called me snoopy once, another legless, (yeah i was hammered) of course other words i dont care to type. These words have totally differnt meanings where i live in the Carolinas. When i tell this to people near me they have no idea what im speaking of. In California? they cant understand me. I have no idea what some one from Jersey or Boston is saying. I have an Extreme southern draw. If i offend some one reading from some wheres else, its truely unintentional. personaly i get a kick out of hearing english spoken so very many differnt ways.


  4. If i type as i sound it would be something like this…. Iffn yallbe not hearing me rite,yun shoulda not be listnen to what i be sayn anyhouz…dangit Dude i gotta get to me horses & get busy they be nor trainin theyselvs…haha..What a great topic this site,love it.

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  5. Apple Schnapps

    For that burst of freshness in the mouth

    And you know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away…

    Through a lot of research i have worked out that one apple = 2 bottles of apple schnapps

    Cheers 🍻

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  6. Fuckin mother fucking idiots got nothing fucking to do u fucking mother ducking bastards.lick my ass and lick my pennies you ass holes and drink my piss j will be sober same second you Jingos.
    As thala vistha fuckers


    • Do you have Tourette syndrome or did your parents drop you on your head when you were a kid? For sure they didn’t care enough for you to teach you manners!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha glad to hear that mate. Managed to keep my boss off my back with some of these methods for many years.


  7. A good option is to do a long con! I for one have been accused of drinking because my deodorant (Original Oldspice) has alcohol as a main ingredient, so if I sweat even a little, my pits make me smell like I’ve been dipping into the vodka. If you can manage to be completely sober while at work then you could use similar deodorant (or even spritz a little alcohol on your clothing) and be accused a few times and explain it’s your deodorant and pass a sobriety test a few times, eventually they’ll ignore it when you come in smelling like a brewery just exploded. “Oh, it’s just Jim’s deodorant.” That is, as long as you aren’t staggering around knocking shit over.

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  8. Yes!

    The sniffer dogs at work are really getting on my nerves. I drink like a fish off duty and I keep getting accused of drinking on the job because I smell like alcohol, sometimes when I haven’t had a drink in 12 hours.

    It really pisses me off. Some people don’t notice, others are super sensitive to the smell.

    I never drink on the job or show up drunk, I can walk perfectly fine, climb ladders, do heavy lifting. It’s the sweat that’s pushing the odor out.

    Like what the fuck, I’m not supposed to drink on my own time, because someone doesn’t like how I smell?

    I’m running my own business from home and working temp jobs to pay the bills while I grow it. Every job site has at least one sniffer dog. Normally I do investment banking, I couldn’t give a shit what I smell like doing construction, moving, or warehousing – I’m not client facing.

    Every site there’s one clown accusing me of drinking on the job. And they don’t let up, they go on about it all fucking day.

    Like, seriously : AM I going to stay sober all week to make 12-14 dollars an hour on a construction site or in a warehouse? This shit isn’t a career, it’s just a way to pay the bills (and for the vodka to wipe my mind of the memory of working there.

    Sometimes it’s the supervisor, but usually it’s some whiny chump making the same as me pestering the supervisor who doesn’t really give a shit but has to do something about it once someone complains. Why these people /sniffer dogs don’t just get a job sniffing out drugs at the airport and put a dog out of a job is beyond me


    • hahaha oh man, this sounds so familiar. Had the “Micky, some colleagues say you reek of alcohol-talk’ myself. Indeed a few good drinking sessions make stupid jobs bareable as you chase your dreams in your private time. Please don’t hate us cause we know how to have fun in life.


      • Haha totally.

        I think it’s either some brown nosing temp or someone who wants you kicked off the job so they can clock in overtime most of the time because the pay is shit.

        The rest of the time it’s probably one of those self righteous dry drunks or some tetollaler.

        I want to just say sometimes, “Listen, just because I can drink a 40oz bottle to my dome, still be perfectly coherent, wake up sober and a half litre of my blood the morning after would give you alcohol poisoning, isn’t my fault. Lets sit down and have a drinking contest so I can watch you run to the bathroom puking your guts out and pass out under my kitchen table. Then I’ll just calmly carry you to a cab and send you Home, keep drinking until it’s time for me to sleep, then wake up without an alarm clock and make it to work early. My guess is you’d be calling in sick, but if you did actually make it in, you’d still be complaining about my breath. ”

        Ugh like just let me do my fucking job drink vodka when I get home then do it all again the next day.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You speak my mind. Yeah, the complains usually come from teetotalers, people who never had a drink in their entire life and assume that having a few night before is like doing heroin or something.
        It’s my luck I had some bosses in my life who knew how to drink and also drank with me. Pretty nice to have someone above you understands and has your back in case some brown-nose pussy wants to pull you down.


  9. Thank you for the interesting article mate; though i have to admit that I have tried almost all the suggested options ( except for the baby powder) and still wasn’t able to eliminate the smell; I had to give up Whisky because of the smelling problem; and yes its true that Vodka is the least smelliest alcohol; however i still can’t eliminate the beer smell ( especially after having a min. of 4 Stella Pints);

    One thing that is currently working with me a lil is the mouth mint pray; yet as logic presents itself;

    ” the more you drink; the more likely you will get caught”

    Cheers everyone and stay drunk !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha yeah I know the feeling. It’s an illusion to think you can fully eliminate the smell of booze, but you can try to mask it as much as possible. When you don’t try anything you’re fucked for sure.


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