Python eats drunk man in India

The simple lesson to be learned here: don't get drunk on the streets in India.

The simple lesson to be learned here: don’t get drunk on the streets in India.

When you drink hard, you might find yourself waking up in very strange places. However in some countries it’s quite risky to drink till you drop. A drunk man in India was taking a well-deserved nap outside a liquor store today, when he was discovered by a huge python. Unfortunately it was just around lunch time for the large snake, that smothered and ate him. The incident happened in the Attapadi area in the state Kerala. So if you ever have plans to go there on holiday, you better wait to get drunk until you’re safe and sound in your hotelroom.

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473 thoughts on “Python eats drunk man in India

      • I ve spent enough time in india..all over the place…and these things..happen… whether its python or boa…or tigers….if this guy lost his way somewhere in the outbacks in kerala…its a true story…I ve had enough snakes in my backyard in kerala…and not to talk about the pythons… u can find in goa…rainy season the animals take over again..u don t seem to know that much about your country after all..
        best regards…from fuerteventura..canary islands…spain…the civilized world…no wild animals here… 😉


      • Oh really!! Than plz speak “in kerela” or “in goa” instead of India!! And kindly do not teach me what exists here coz m born here an i knw better than you and you are potraying a wrong image on tjis country!! Period


      • Lol! couldn’t find the Reply tab in your discussion thread below. Hence Posting on this one. How do you speak ‘in “Kerela” or in Goa’ to start with?
        I got snakes running outside my store in Bangalore, fyi.. And in “Kerala” where they speak “Malayalam” not Kerela, you get to see a lot of snakes anyway. City or otherwise..


      • but they had enough time to take a picture? if it was real, i’m not completely convinced, then he would have already died….doesn’t look like anyone around him in a rush to save him anyway….twat


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  3. They claim this happened in Kerala, which is in the extreme southwest of India and inhabited by one python species, the Indian rock python (Python molurus) which does not get large enough to take a human, but the python in the photograph is a Reticulated python (Python reticulatus), a species may occur in the extreme northeast of India, near the Burmese border, but is essentially a Southeast Asian species. Trust me, I am an herpetologist, this is my line of work.


    • True. Look at that woman’s leg and her dress. That leg doesn’t look like of an Indain/Kerala woman. The dress is also quite odd. Moreover Jeans is not a commod attire among the locals in Kerala. It looks like a picture from southeast asia.


    • So you are justifying that this news is fake, but it is still possible to happen in another location? Does that kind of snake really eat humans?


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  5. That species if snake comes from South Elast Asia not India so on that basis alone it’s a hoax story! They do eat livestock which makes them look like this! NOT people!!


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  7. Fake.if it is.panchnama happend or not.or FIR produced to court or is criminal act.python to be hanged for killing is india.killing is is difficult job even python s will have fear…..


  8. Mythbusters proved this true.Check their website. A python can even eat an adult Antelope whole. The real question here is if the snake got drunk also!!! LOL


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  10. This is not real it is fact that unless the man was laying on his side the snake would not be able to get its jaw open wide enough to eat the dude
    plus the size of the snake its not possible with a head that size the jaw wont go around the shoulders


  11. This is the fully HOAX story.However if the python eat the man how come the man went to snakes tail?
    Don’t trust this hoaxing and editing pictures.
    Bullshit post.


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