Two weeks that may seem like more or less than two weeks

The favorite Piano Bar in Blagoevgrad; photo by Tamari Gachechiladze

The favorite Piano Bar in Blagoevgrad; photo by Tamari Gachechiladze

Summer is the time of drinking. Or winter is the time of drinking. No matter which season you choose, boozing every day for a couple of weeks can make you feel weird. As well as the relaxation thereafter.

Chain – this is the word that first comes to my mind when I want to describe non-stop drinking for two weeks. When you get more serious hangover, the one that results from several days of action, the chain starts tightening around your neck. It is a thick piece of cold iron that dries you and barely lets you breathe.

Not only that, but it pulls you to a place with drinks. And you choose not to resist, because you know that the chain will be loosening just after a few sips. The dryness in the throat will disappear, and the chain will continue to warm and relax the grip until you don’t feel it anymore. But the next morning, it will cool down and catch you between its shackles again.

After several days of this pattern, you will have a full set of chains – one squeezing your chest and one bandaging your forehead. Of course, you already know the recipe for loosening the pieces of iron. If you don’t take the same measures, there is just another option – waiting. But waiting will double the pressure from the chains.

Toward the end of the two weeks, it will be holding your chest so tightly that the heart will invent unique rhythm after going just one floor up the stairs. At this point, you already start thinking if continuing to drink is a risk.

However, one chain will be shattered in thousands of pieces – the chain of time. You find yourself wondering if this thing is about to happen, or it already happened, or it is going on right now, or whether such thing exists at all. The term “chronological order” starts losing sense. In fact, whatever order starts losing sense. Actually, everything else might lose sense, including you and your behavior. You can be annoying, of course. Human psyche is not a machine and gets kinda weird when soaked in spirits day after day.

Unless you find some inspiration in this binge drinking, you just stop giving a sh*t. Even washing the teeth in the morning becomes laborious. I mean, come on – alcohol kills microbes, right?

Not that inspiration is impossible. On the contrary – I remember the most beautiful sunset in my life. The sun was bathing the student city of Blagoevgrad with its purple rays. Colors seemed almost magical. It was like a transcendental experience. I’ve never seen anything more vivid.

Let me bust this myth – you don’t drink less the next day; maybe not at 21 years. Even after ten days of mad boozing, you might be surprised how many glasses you would be able to knock back. But still, when you finally decide to take a rest, it feels like the best reward in the world. Too bad that the tough Mr. Liver won’t get paid, although he was the working class hero.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t complain. It is fun, after all. Even when you move the red square on your calendar with 14 positions and you notice that there are holes in the paper on some of the dates. There has never been a funnier time machine. And you know you might use it again some day, when you feel you have the power again.

Nikolay Nikolov



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