AA is a disease not alcoholism.

Here’s an interesting post about how the AA fails in the United States. While we don’t even wanna think about quitting drinking we do realize that there are people that do. Guess they should find another way to reach their goal. We can identify ourselves with the words of Stina Niklasson when she explains how people feeling extremely low after heir visits to AA. Well all of society treats drinkers as outcast nowadays. Well not us, we drink and we’re proud to do so. Cheers!

Stina Niklasson

AA almost messed me up even more at the time I was attending. It’s not for everybody obviously, we aren’t all the same. And that’s a good thing I might add.

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9 thoughts on “AA is a disease not alcoholism.

  1. Very interesting! I always thought there was something very disempowering about the whole 12-Step thing – like the mentality it trains you to have that there is something “wrong” with you like this speaker mentioned. Anything that makes you believe you’re an addict is not helping you.

    Also, more and more people are talking about how it’s the sugar aspect of alcohol that makes people “addicted”.

    Great post!


  2. I don’t have much faith in AA. I have yet to a Celebrate Recovery meeting,but I am going next Friday. I don’t know much about CR, but I think I like it better than AA. BTW, My poem “Liquid Lover” has a stanza missing. Haha! If I ever find the lost part,I’ll re-blog “LL” in its entirety. Thanks for the like.


  3. My husband is an alcoholic. I have told him countless times to stay oaway from AA. His own dad stopped drinking on his own. I truly believe that AA offers hopelessness. I refuse to attend Alanon.


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