13 kinds of drunk people

Now we can’t claim credits for this blog, but it is a good one and worth to share. The 13 different types of drunk people. Which one are you?

the rantings of a blonde girl

This post has been coming for a while. If you haven’t noticed I drink and I enjoy drinking, nearly as much as I enjoy food. So due to the amounts that I drink I have noticed a few things in drunk people and I’ve seen a number of certain characteristics that emerge when someone drinks. So I have compiled a list of drunk stereotypes that are normally seen around at a club or a party.

1. Slut: Once they get loose from the Goose they want to have sex and touch every single object that moves. Don’t be surprised if you wake up and see them spooning a table.

2. Obnoxious: Rude, think they know everything and make sure everyone in their general vicinity does too. Probably drank red wine.

3. Emotional: One moment they are all smiles the next they are crying over something small.

4. Giggly: Laughs at…

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