Waking up in Complete Darkness and Silence

This is what I woke up to

How would you feel if you wake up surrounded by absolute darkness and silence after a night of hardcore drinking and your mind is still drowned in alcohol fog? Blogger Nikolay Nikolov tells a story about such misadventure.

I opened my eyes and I could see nothing else but blackness. Everywhere around me. I couldn’t hear a single sound. I was so dizzy by the enormous amount of drinks I had consumed the night before. I had no memories how I ended up here. Where was this “here”? I was sitting on something. Still disoriented, I decided to stand up, but it was a bad idea. Immediately I fell down on something that broke, judging by the sound I heard. Then I heard how water started leaking.

Damn. It’s the toilet in Piano Bar in Blagoevgrad, the city where I study. That bar was the last place I remembered being at.  But why is it so silent then? It’s a disco after all!

Somehow I reached a door handle and pressed it, but the darkness barely changed, and the silence not at all. I was indeed in Piano Bar, but besides me there was no one else. The party had ended and all visitors and staff members had left, obviously without noticing the presence of my wasted persona. Or maybe some of them did, but didn’t manage to wake me up and had no intentions to deal with ambulances or other emergency services.

My jacket and my sunglasses were gone. I looked for them around, but saw nothing mine that I wasn’t wearing. Water was still leaking and its splashing was the only sound inside. The place was so different without the disco lights. I felt cold and angry. How could they leave me? I started shouting and swearing, of course without any result, but I was still too drunk to evaluate what are the possible outcomes of my actions.

I tried to leave, but the door was locked. Of course it was. What kind of staff would close the disco without locking the door? After all, they were the last to go out. NOOOT!!! Desperate and completely exhausted, I decided to get some sleep before I decide how to proceed with the interesting situation, although water was still leaking and I could hear it. At least the sofas were comfortable.

I don’t know how much I had slept, but when I woke up, I was feeling cold. Of course there were no windows, so it hadn’t become lighter. Water was already spreading on the floor outside the WC, but getting out was more important than preventing a flood. It was Friday morning and I knew they would open at night, so I couldn’t drown. I took a walk again and stepped in the water, God knows why, when the floor was almost entirely dry. I went behind the bars, as if to check whether there was a bartender kneeling and not saying a word…silly drunken logic.

Then the bulb lit up in my head. The emergency exit! How didn’t I think of it earlier? I’d seen it before and knew where it was! So I found it and pressed the handle. I was drunk, cold and tired as hell, so I couldn’t care less about setting a fire alarm off, I just wanted to get out. Fortunately, no sound was produced and I was out. I was happy that I could finally go home.

Not really. I found myself on a ramp ascending to a garage gate, which was…that’s right! Locked! I tried to open it, but without any success. That was already too much for me, so I started banging on it violently with my punches and shouting in fury, hoping that someone would hear me. Finally, I saw two elderly people through the crevice of the gate wings and they heard me. They promised me to send a person from the bank nearby to unlock the door. I was already shivering because of the cold.

Finally, a guy in а suit approached me from the inside, came up and showed me how to unlock the door. It was a simple operation, but I guess I was too drunk and infuriated to exercise it earlier. Finally, I was about to enter a warm taxi and go home. I quickly went to the cab station with my teeth rattling because of the cold morning. I opened the door of the first car and gave directions.

Only to realize that I had spent all my money on drinks the night before. So I ingloriously declared to the driver with a silent voice that I had no money and asked him to drop me. I took the way home and just passed out, this time at a warmer, lighter and cozier place.

P.S. This story has half a happy end, because a friend of mine returned to the Piano Bar two days later and found my jacket. Sunglasses are still missing. Whoever finds them and brings them back to me, gets a night of drinking on my expense. Hopefully it will end in a different way.

Nikolay Nikolov

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